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DuraLite Single Pane - Windows and Door Glass

Tempered Clear Glass is used in our Alpha I & Omega I Windows and Doors. It is the next generation in our product line of high-performance single pane glass. The patented Duralite design features a unique composite laminating technology without the use of metal, resulting in superior thermal and durability performance. The multilayer, highly efficient spacer uses proven components, sealants and desiccants to produce improved condensation resistance, a warmer edge of glass temperature.


Radiant (non solar) Heat Transfer thru Glass measured in BTU per Sq Ft per Hour X Delta T
UV                % Transmission of Radiation thru Glass Unit
Tvis               % Transmission of Visible Light
Rvis               % Reflectance of Visible Light
Tsol               % Transmission of Total Solar Energy
Shading         Shading Coefficient an Index of Solar Heat Gain Rejection ( Lower Numbers are Better)
RHG              Relative Heat Gain. The Actual Solar Heat Transmission Thru Glass
SHGC            Similar to Shading - (Lower Numbers are Better)


20% Less Heat Gain vs. Clear Double Pane

26% Less UV Transmission vs. Clear Double Pane 

5%   Less Heat Gain vs. Bronze Double Pane

23% Less Blockage of Light vs. Bronze Double Pane