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Smart Glass 30 - Alpha I & Omega I, Single-Pane Roof Glass

The first product in our line of high-performance glass products is a single pane glass, which goes by the name SmartGlass 30  This new product has 30% lower solar transmission than ordinary clear single pane glass (and 30% less UV transmission).  What this means is that a competitor’s room equipped with clear single pane glass will heat up 30% faster than a C-Thru room

SmartGlass 30 has the same high optical clarity and same visual appearance as regular single pane glass; it’s only on a very, very close inspection that one might notice a very, very subtle green hue.   SmartGlass 30 is so effective that it even outperforms single pane bronze glass by 8%, and without the “dirty” look of ordinary bronze tinted glass.  Clear single pane glass will still be our low cost standard, but SmartGlass 30 will be available for a modest upcharge.

30% Less Heat Gain vs. Clear Single Pane

30% Less UV Transmission vs. Clear Single Pane 

8%   Less Heat Gain vs. Bronze Single Pane

SmartGlass 60  is an optional high performance double pane glass (replacing our old Smart Glass) for use in vertical glazing areas, such as windows, doors, kickpanels and transoms.  It provides your clients with 60% less solar heat gain per s.f./hr than clear double pane glass, and 28% lower transmission of damaging and harmful UV radiation than our former high performance “Smart Glass”.  The solar shading performance of this glass is so remarkable that your clients can actually pull a chair up next to a south-facing window, and sit down and read a book without experiencing that “radiator effect” that one normally feels sitting next to a sunlit window. 

60% Less Heat Gain vs. Clear Double Pane   

38% Less Heat Gain vs. Bronze Double Pane (or Low-e double pane)

50% Less UV Transmission vs. Clear Double Pane

33% Less UV Transmission vs. Bronze Double Pane (or Low-e double pane) 

Glass Type IGU Unit U-Value R-ValueUV Tvis Rvis Tsol ShadingRHG SCGC
Single Pane Clear 1.0 1.074% 90% 9% 83% 0.98210 0.85
Single Pane Bronze 1.0 1.044% 68% 7% 65% 0.84182 0.73
Single Pane SmartGlass 30 1.0 1.052% 83% 8% 60% 0.81175 0.70
Double Pane Clear 0.5 2.061% 81% 15% 69% 0.87181 0.75
Double Pane Bronze 0.5 2.038% 61% 11% 54% 0.72151 0.62
Double Pane Low-e 0.31 3.2043% 78% 12% 52% 0.66137 0.58
Double Pane SmartGlass 40 0.45 2.2045% 75% 14% 52% 0.69144 0.59
High Performance SmartGlass 60
HP Vertical Glass
.025 4.031% 70% 12% 34% 0.4389 0.37
High Performance SmartGlass 90
HP Roof Glass
.025 4.017% 35% 14% 15% 0.2860 0.24


Radiant (non solar) Heat Transfer thru Glass measured in BTU per Sq Ft per Hour X Delta T
UV                % Transmission of Radiation thru Glass Unit
Tvis               % Transmission of Visible Light
Rvis               % Reflectance of Visible Light
Tsol               % Transmission of Total Solar Energy
Shading         Shading Coefficient an Index of Solar Heat Gain Rejection ( Lower Numbers are Better)
RHG              Relative Heat Gain. The Actual Solar Heat Transmission Thru Glass
SHGC            Similar to Shading - (Lower Numbers are Better)


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